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TVL: $4.13 B

+11.32% / 7 days




No.NameValue LockedTVL7 days change% / 7 daysMarket sharePurposeTechnologyTech
1.Arbitrum logoArbitrum$2.54 B+12.77%61.61%UniversalOptimistic Rollup
2.dYdX logodYdX$926 M+10.55%22.43%ExchangeZK Rollup
3.Optimism logoOptimism$279 M+7.19%6.77%UniversalOptimistic Rollup
4.Loopring logoLoopring
$127 M
+4.54%3.09%Payments, ExchangeZK Rollup
5.ZKSwap V2 logoZKSwap V2$90.05 M+7.76%2.18%Payments, ExchangeZK Rollup
6.DeversiFi logoDeversiFi
$44.57 M
7.Boba Network logoBoba Network
$44.23 M
+16.79%1.07%UniversalOptimistic Rollup
8.zkSync logozkSync$21.51 M+12.27%0.52%PaymentsZK Rollup
9.Sorare logoSorare$18.08 M+16.28%0.44%NFT, ExchangeValidium
10.ImmutableX logoImmutableX$16.48 M+22.72%0.40%NFT, ExchangeValidium
11.ZKSwap logoZKSwap
$6.10 M
+2.85%0.15%Payments, ExchangeZK Rollup
12.Aztec logoAztec$5.03 M+29.90%0.12%Private paymentsZK Rollup
13.OMG Network logoOMG Network$3.12 M+0.33%0.08%PaymentsPlasma
14.Gluon logoGluon
$1.15 M
15.Habitat logoHabitat
$1.09 M
-0.93%0.03%DAO, TreasuryOptimistic Rollup
16.Polygon Hermez logoPolygon Hermez$322 K+5.72%0.01%PaymentsZK Rollup
17.Layer2.Finance logoLayer2.Finance
$268 K
+0.34%0.01%DeFi aggregationOptimistic Rollup
18.Fuel logoFuel$6.90+0.00%0.00%PaymentsOptimistic Rollup

A token associated with the project accounts for more than 10% of the TVL.

A token associated with the project accounts for more than 90% of the TVL. This may make the metric vulnerable to manipulation if the majority of the supply is concentrated and markets are very illiquid.

This project is built using StarkEx.

No.NameState validationData availabilityUpgradeabilitySequencer failureValidator failure
1.Arbitrum logoArbitrumFraud proofs (INT)On chainYesTransact using L1No mechanism
2.dYdX logodYdXZK proofs (ST)On chainYesForce trade / exit to L1Escape hatch (MP)
3.Optimism logoOptimismProofs disabledOn chainYesTransact using L1No mechanism
4.Loopring logoLoopringZK proofs (SN)On chainYesForce exit to L1Escape hatch (MP)
5.ZKSwap V2 logoZKSwap V2ZK proofs (SN)On chain8 days delayForce exit to L1Escape hatch (ZK)
6.DeversiFi logoDeversiFiZK proofs (ST)External (DAC)14 days delayForce exit to L1Escape hatch (MP)
7.Boba Network logoBoba NetworkProofs disabledOn chainYesTransact using L1No mechanism
8.zkSync logozkSyncZK proofs (SN)On chain14 days delayForce exit to L1Escape hatch (ZK)
9.Sorare logoSorareZK proofs (ST)External (DAC)14 days delayForce exit to L1Escape hatch (MP)
10.ImmutableX logoImmutableXZK proofs (ST)External (DAC)14 days delayForce exit to L1Escape hatch (MP)
11.ZKSwap logoZKSwapZK proofs (SN)On chain8 days delayForce exit to L1Escape hatch (ZK)
12.Aztec logoAztecZK proofs (SN)On chainYesPropose blocks (ZK)Propose blocks (ZK)
13.OMG Network logoOMG NetworkExits onlyExternalYesExit to L1Escape hatch (?)
14.Gluon logoGluonFraud proofs (!)ExternalYesExit to L1Escape hatch (MP)
15.Habitat logoHabitatFraud proofsOn chainYesPropose blocksPropose blocks
16.Polygon Hermez logoPolygon HermezZK proofs (SN)On chainYesForce exit to L1Propose blocks (ZK)
17.Layer2.Finance logoLayer2.FinanceFraud proofs (1R)On chainNoNo mechanismNo mechanism
18.Fuel logoFuelFraud proofs (1R)On chainNoPropose blocksPropose blocks

– This project is built using StarkEx.

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