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    Orbiter Bridge is a cross-rollup bridge that uses liquidity provided by Makers on supported chains to perform swaps.

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    Risk summary

    Note: This project's overview requires more research and might not present accurate information. If you want to contribute you can edit the information on Github. Alternatively you contact the project team on Twitter and encourage them to contribute a PR.


    Principle of Operation

    Orbiter Bridge is a cross-rollup bridge that uses liquidity provided by Makers to perform swaps. Makers provide liquidity to their own accounts (EOAs) on supported chains. A user performing a swap deposits tokens to Maker’s EOA on source chain and that Maker is supposed to release corresponding tokens from their EOA on the destination chain. Currently only Orbiter team is acting as Makers.

    1. Documentation - Maker System
    2. Documentation - Technology


    Even though the Orbiter team has plans to deploy a set of contracts that will i.e. require independent makers to post bonds as safeguard against not meeting their obligations, currently the system relies on trust that Orbiter Makers will disburse required tokens on the destination chain after seeing user’s deposit on the source chain.

    • Funds can be stolen if selected Maker decides to misuse user's funds (CRITICAL).

    • Funds can be frozen if selected Maker doesn't act on user deposit (CRITICAL).

    • Users can be censored if selected Maker doesn't act on user deposit (CRITICAL).

    1. Documentation - Maker System


    The system uses the following set of permissioned addresses:

    ETH escrow 0x80C6…bCF8

    Maker account for ETH deposits/withdrawals

    USDC escrow 0x41d3…87B3

    Maker account for USDC deposits/withdrawals

    USDT escrow 0xd7Aa…64fC

    Maker account for USDT deposits/withdrawals

    DAI escrow 0x095D…26c9

    Maker account for DAI deposits/withdrawals

    Smart contracts

    The system consists of the following smart contracts:

    OBSource 0xD9D7…c8Dc

    Proxies transfers into Makers’ accounts (when using custom frontend via SDK).