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Funding sources

As a public goods company, L2BEAT is financed in the open by the community. For transparency, we are providing L2BEAT's funding sources below.

Those funding sources have been categorized based on the contribution amounts:

  • Significant: Above 500,000 USD
  • Medium: Between 100,000 USD and 500,000 USD
  • Small: Below 100.000 USD
Source / ProjectTierDescription
Ethereum FoundationSignificantDifferent grants in years 2021-2024
Optimism RPGFSignificantMarch 2023, January 2024
Rewards & compensation for participating in L2 governance frameworksMediumWe are participating in the governance of Arbitrum, Optimism, Hop, Polygon, Uniswap and Connext, and more
GitcoinMediumGitcoin rounds in 2022-2024
Direct community donationsSmallVia this page
L2 Amsterdam (2022) conference sponsorshipsSmall
April 2022
Covered the costs of the conference
L2 Warsaw (2023) conference sponsorshipsSmall
August 2023
Covered the costs of the conference
L2DAYS Istanbul (2023) conference sponsorshipsMedium
November 2023
Covered the costs of the conference
"Upgradeability of Ethereum L2s" reportSmallFunded by Polygon Labs
Open-source explorer for StarkEx deploymentsMediumLive at, view the code here. Funded by StarkWare and dYdX
LayerZero transparency dashboardMediumProject in progress. Funded by LayerZero
DAC membershipsSmallDiscontinued
Last updated: January 2024