Total Value Locked

$6.41 B

4.86% / 7 days

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#NameTVLBreakdown7d ChangeMarket shareValidated byType
1Polygon PoS logoPolygon PoS$2.23 B1.89%34.88%Destination ChainToken Bridge
2Multichain logoMultichain$815 M3.49%12.72%Third PartyHybrid
3Polygon "Plasma" logoPolygon "Plasma"$792 M
11.82%12.35%Destination ChainToken Bridge
4Ronin V2 logoRonin V2$765 M
32.32%11.93%Third PartyToken Bridge
5Avalanche Bridge logoAvalanche Bridge$513 M0.01%8.02%Third PartyToken Bridge
6Rainbow Bridge logoRainbow Bridge$494 M
12.40%7.71%Destination ChainToken Bridge
7Portal (Wormhole) logoPortal (Wormhole)$129 M2.33%2.02%Third PartyToken Bridge
Orbit Bridge logoOrbit Bridge$126 M3.77%1.98%Third PartyToken Bridge
StarGate (LayerZero) logoStarGate (LayerZero)$101 M12.79%1.59%Third PartyLiquidity Network
10Satellite (Axelar) logoSatellite (Axelar)$83.91 M0.14%1.31%Third PartyLiquidity Network
11Synapse logoSynapse$63.32 M10.22%0.99%Third PartyHybrid
12Gravity logoGravity$57.39 M9.60%0.90%Third PartyToken Bridge
13Across V2 logoAcross V2$51.22 M217.75%0.80%OptimisticallyLiquidity Network
14Hop logoHop$43.74 M2.40%0.68%OptimisticallyLiquidity Network
15cBridge logocBridge$39.31 M4.42%0.61%Third PartyHybrid
16Omni Bridge logoOmni Bridge$34.13 M
10.18%0.53%Third PartyToken Bridge
17xDai Bridge logoxDai Bridge$33.55 M0.85%0.52%Third PartyToken Bridge
Aptos (LayerZero) logoAptos (LayerZero)$14.88 M0.58%0.23%Third PartyToken Bridge
Poly Bridge logoPoly Bridge$8.47 M1.14%0.13%Third PartyToken Bridge
20Optics V2 logoOptics V2$2.78 M10.96%0.04%OptimisticallyToken Bridge
21Optics V1 logoOptics V1$1.63 M3.28%0.03%OptimisticallyToken Bridge
22Hyphen logoHyphen$854 K6.28%0.01%Third PartyLiquidity Network
23Sollet logoSollet$462 K98.54%0.01%Third PartyToken Bridge
24Orbiter logoOrbiter$404 K37.05%0.01%Third PartyLiquidity Network
25Wormhole V1 logoWormhole V1$297 K0.66%0.00%Third PartyToken Bridge
26Harmony logoHarmony$197 K5.15%0.00%Third PartyToken Bridge
27Connext logoConnext$150 K13.49%0.00%UserLiquidity Network
28Nomad logoNomad$4.43 K1.33%0.00%OptimisticallyToken Bridge

About L2BEAT

L2BEAT is an analytics and research website about Ethereum layer two (L2) scaling. We provide a comparison of the various Ethereum L2 systems available today.

An important differentiator between L2BEAT and similar sites is that L2BEAT is committed to educating users and lists only projects that match our narrow definition of L2. We define layer two as a chain that fully or partially derives its security from layer one Ethereum so that users do not have to rely on the honesty of L2 validators for the security of their funds.

Because of our commitment to education we present various non-trivial metrics aside from Total Value Locked (TVL). We have carefully examined each L2 project to determine the inner workings of their technology as well as the associated risks. To learn about any of our listed projects visit their respective page on L2BEAT.

We have also compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will help explain some of the decisions we made for our site. We hope you find L2BEAT a valuable resource.