BOB ("Build on Bitcoin") is an OP Stack rollup that natively supports the Bitcoin stack, incl. Ordinals, Lightning and Nostr, powered by cross-chain light clients, a universal Bitcoin smart contract SDK, and the Risc Zero zkVM.
This is an upcoming project.
Value Locked
Coming soon
Canonically Bridged
Externally Bridged
Natively Minted
  • Tokens
    Coming soon
  • Daily TPS
    Coming soon
  • 30D tx count
    Coming soon
  • Type
    Optimistic Rollup
  • Purpose
    Bitcoin DApps
  • This project is currently in the development phase and is yet to be launched on the Ethereum Mainnet.

    Once the deployment process is complete, it will be added to the list of active projects, along with comprehensive information regarding risk, technology, and other technical aspects.

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