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This is an upcoming project.
  • Total value lockedComing soon
  • BreakdownComing soon
  • Daily TPSComing soon
  • 30D tx countComing soon
  • TechnologyOptimistic Rollup
  • PurposeUniversal

  • Description

    Base is an Optimistic Rollup that has been developed on the Ethereum network, utilizing OP Stack technology. It is currently in the incubation phase at Coinbase and intends to gradually transition towards a more decentralized model over the coming years. At present, Base is deployed on the Goerli testnet for further testing and optimization.

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    This project is currently in the development phase and is yet to be launched on the Ethereum Mainnet.

    Once the deployment process is complete, it will be added to the list of active projects, along with comprehensive information regarding risk, technology, and other technical aspects.

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