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About L2BEAT

L2BEAT is a public goods company dedicated to providing on-chain transparency.

What sets L2BEAT apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering accurate and reliable information. We strive to be an impartial and independent watchdog that acts in the best interest of users and the broader ecosystem while always remaining credibly neutral and faithful to reality and facts. We deliver data and tools that allow our community to educate themselves, transact securely, and make well-informed decisions.

This approach has earned us recognition and a solid reputation in the industry, garnering praise from the global Ethereum community and making our voice highly valued by numerous organizations and institutions. We are unafraid of being vocal and opinionated when our values are at stake.

Our work spans a wide range of areas, including:

  • Research and analysis of public protocols, including L2s and bridges,
  • Participation in protocol governance and security councils,
  • Development of transparency solutions like explorers,
  • Monitoring of smart contract upgrades,
  • Operation of nodes, and validators,
  • Publication of research reports,
  • Organization of conferences.

We receive generous funding from various public goods organizations, such as Gitcoin and the Ethereum Foundation, as well as from various private donors and investors. Additionally, we collaborate closely with leading companies in the space by accepting grants for specific projects.

You most likely have a lot of questions. We have created the Frequently Asked Questions page just for you.