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Observed over the last 7 days


#NamePast day TPS7d ChangeMax daily TPS30D CountData source
1Ethereum logoEthereum12.470.24%22.37on 2022 Dec 0931.52 MBlockchain RPC
2Arbitrum One logoArbitrum One5.3513.21%6.67on 2022 Nov 0810.05 MBlockchain RPC
3dYdX logodYdX3.5423.83%11.45on 2022 Feb 1512.95 MClosed API
4Immutable X logoImmutable X2.0416.59%39.35on 2022 Mar 118.20 MClosed API
5Optimism logoOptimism2.0413.18%9.26on 2023 Jan 1210.54 MBlockchain RPC
6Sorare logoSorare0.4851.24%2.31on 2022 Oct 231.39 MClosed API
7zkSync logozkSync0.2950.27%1.99on 2021 Sep 23516 KExplorer API
8Arbitrum Nova logoArbitrum Nova0.2125.04%0.25on 2022 Aug 30404 KBlockchain RPC
9StarkNet logoStarkNet0.1797.01%0.60on 2022 Dec 08318 KExplorer API
10Metis Andromeda logoMetis Andromeda0.1342.24%1.25on 2022 Mar 12399 KBlockchain RPC
11Loopring logoLoopring0.0811.48%1.48on 2022 Jul 12238 KExplorer API
12Boba Network logoBoba Network0.0149.51%0.29on 2021 Nov 2126.13 KBlockchain RPC
13Myria logoMyria<0.01577.08%2.55on 2022 Aug 208.68 KClosed API
14rhino.fi logorhino.fi<0.017.83%0.42on 2021 Dec 026.35 KClosed API
15Aztec logoAztec0.00100.00%0.05on 2021 Dec 17331Explorer API

This project is built using StarkEx.

This project is based on Optimism's code base.

This project is based on zkSync's code base.

About L2BEAT

L2BEAT is an analytics and research website about Ethereum layer two (L2) scaling. We provide a comparison of the various Ethereum L2 systems available today.

An important differentiator between L2BEAT and similar sites is that L2BEAT is committed to educating users and lists only projects that match our narrow definition of L2. We define layer two as a chain that fully or partially derives its security from layer one Ethereum so that users do not have to rely on the honesty of L2 validators for the security of their funds.

Because of our commitment to education we present various non-trivial metrics aside from Total Value Locked (TVL). We have carefully examined each L2 project to determine the inner workings of their technology as well as the associated risks. To learn about any of our listed projects visit their respective page on L2BEAT.

We have also compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will help explain some of the decisions we made for our site. We hope you find L2BEAT a valuable resource.