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Total Value Locked

$5.87 B

10.88% / 7 days


#NameTVL7d ChangeBreakdownMarket sharePurposeTech
1Arbitrum One logoArbitrum One$2.89 B7.81%49.29%UniversalOptimistic Rollup
2Optimism logoOptimism$1.98 B19.15%
33.76%UniversalOptimistic Rollup
3dYdX logodYdX$386 M1.10%6.58%ExchangeZK Rollup
4Metis Andromeda logoMetis Andromeda$142 M4.04%
2.43%UniversalOptimistic Chain
5Loopring logoLoopring$124 M11.73%
2.12%Tokens, NFTs, AMMZK Rollup
6Immutable X logoImmutable X$121 M23.85%
2.06%NFT, ExchangeValidium
7zkSync logozkSync$65.35 M3.88%1.11%Tokens, NFTsZK Rollup
8ZKSpace logoZKSpace$45.91 M0.66%
0.78%Tokens, NFTs, AMMZK Rollup
9ApeX logoApeX$20.87 M18.48%0.36%ExchangeValidium
10Sorare logoSorare$20.64 M0.09%0.35%NFT, ExchangeValidium
11rhino.fi logorhino.fi$18.32 M3.40%
12Boba Network logoBoba Network$15.02 M10.44%
0.26%UniversalOptimistic Rollup
13Aztec Connect logoAztec Connect$13.62 M9.21%0.23%Private DeFiZK Rollup
14Arbitrum Nova logoArbitrum Nova$7.89 M7.67%0.13%UniversalOptimistic Chain
15StarkNet logoStarkNet$7.00 M7.89%0.12%UniversalZK Rollup
16Aztec logoAztec$2.74 M4.31%0.05%Private paymentsZK Rollup
ZKSwap 1.0 logoZKSwap 1.0$2.01 M1.57%
0.03%Payments, AMMZK Rollup
18Polygon Hermez logoPolygon Hermez$317 K4.66%0.01%PaymentsZK Rollup
ZKSwap 2.0 logoZKSwap 2.0$264 K0.98%
0.00%Payments, AMMZK Rollup
20Layer2.Finance logoLayer2.Finance$170 K0.17%0.00%DeFi aggregationOptimistic Rollup
21Myria logoMyria$85.15 K13.54%0.00%NFT, ExchangeValidium
22Gluon logoGluon$56.82 K13.91%
OMG Network logoOMG Network$44.16 K5.76%
Layer2.Finance-zk logoLayer2.Finance-zk$3.70 K1.76%0.00%DeFi protocolsValidium
25zkSync 2.0 logozkSync 2.0$4624.63%0.00%UniversalZK Rollup
26Fuel v1 logoFuel v1$8.010.00%0.00%PaymentsOptimistic Rollup

This project is built using StarkEx.

This project is based on Optimism's code base.

This project is based on zkSync's code base.

A token associated with the project accounts for more than 10% of the TVL.

A token associated with the project accounts for more than 90% of the TVL. This may make the metric vulnerable to manipulation if the majority of the supply is concentrated and markets are very illiquid.

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About L2BEAT

L2BEAT is an analytics and research website about Ethereum layer two (L2) scaling. We provide a comparison of the various Ethereum L2 systems available today.

An important differentiator between L2BEAT and similar sites is that L2BEAT is committed to educating users and lists only projects that match our narrow definition of L2. We define layer two as a chain that fully or partially derives its security from layer one Ethereum so that users do not have to rely on the honesty of L2 validators for the security of their funds.

Because of our commitment to education we present various non-trivial metrics aside from Total Value Locked (TVL). We have carefully examined each L2 project to determine the inner workings of their technology as well as the associated risks. To learn about any of our listed projects visit their respective page on L2BEAT.

We have also compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will help explain some of the decisions we made for our site. We hope you find L2BEAT a valuable resource.